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Game music wiki is a collaborative website about the music from video games that anyone can edit founded on August 19,2009! We are currently holding 31 articles.


  • I have added some new improvements to GMW, now we give badges to those who work here,I hope that encourages people to try and edit GMW. We also allow comments on articles so people can discuss the article or anything really.I honestly hope that you enjoy GMW - Supersonicman

Video game musicEdit

Game music wiki is the only wikipedia where you put the information, lyrics, and video's from your favorite games.This Wiki was created by Supersonicman and SuperSonicRiders and the millions of people who have helped Game Music wiki rise.However, only music from games are allowed here.It doesn't matter which game it came from or what type of game.We allow online game music, PC game music, console game music just as long as it came from a game.By the way, I have changed the remix rule, from now on it has to be an official remix, as in created by the company itself.We also allow the usage of trailer songs.If any vandalism is found, it will be erased as soon as possible and the said user will be found and banned.Hope you enjoy this wiki ----Supersonicman